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House Plans Idea 17×11.5m with 5 Bedrooms

House Plans Idea 17×11.5m with 5 Bedrooms

Information you should know of the model : Project 28
Living area of ​​the building The size of the building Land size
1st floor = 230.97sq.m. Width (m) Depth (meters) Width (m) Depth (meters)
Length  2 = 169.86sq.m. 18.10 12.50 21.80 17.50
Details of each floor
Shop 1 Shop 2
1 bedroom, 
Walk in Closet, 
2 bathrooms, 
3 parking spaces, 
room, living 
room, dining room,

front-back porch

Walk in Closetbathrooms, 
living room


Credit to Layer House 08 9889 4028 (Thailand)

More detail plan:

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  1. I am interested in your building plans and would like to buy some. Please advice on the price and delivery via air mail.
    Thank you.
    I am Peter Z Okwera

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