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20V Cordless Leaf Blower Buying Guide

20V Cordless Leaf Blower Buying Guide

20V Cordless Leaf Blower Buying Guide: When shopping for a new leaf blower, it’s important to consider the weight of the blower. A lightweight blower makes it easy to get into tight spots and clear debris. However, some customers complained that the blower’s air power wasn’t powerful enough to handle heavy-duty work. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options available.


The LSW221 20V Cordless Leaf blower is a lightweight, compact, and affordable blower that generates large volumes of air. Its 80 CFM air speed and 20-V Max battery make it a great choice for small yards. It’s also interchangeable with other tools and has a low noise level.

Although advertised as a sweeper, this model doesn’t have the power to handle extensive lawn maintenance tasks. Instead, it’s quiet, easy to use, and features an angled blow tube to avoid awkward leaning. It also costs slightly less than some other models, which is a plus for budget shoppers.

Whenever you are buying a cordless leaf blower from Snapfresh Tools, look for one that has lithium-ion batteries. These will last longer and provide more power than brushed motors. Also, look for the volt and Ah (amperes) ratings to make sure it’s powerful enough for the job.

20V Cordless Leaf Blower Buying Guide

DeWalt DCBL720P1

The DeWalt DCBL720P1 cordless blower is a great addition to the company’s lineup of outdoor power tools. It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery and has an innovative axial fan design. The device produces 400 cubic feet of air per minute and is lightweight and easy to handle.

This cordless blower features a built-in scraper to remove leaves and needles from a medium-sized yard. It has a soft grip and comes with an easy-to-read battery gauge. It also has a 4-year limited warranty and a two-year battery warranty.

The DeWalt DCBL720P1 cordlessly leaf blower’s variable-speed motor lets you adjust the air speed to suit your needs. It can achieve maximum air speeds of 150 MPH. The extension tube makes it easy to clear larger areas without moving the tube too much.

Its lithium-ion battery has a high capacity of five AH. This will allow you to do significant work for 20-30 minutes. You can also buy an extra battery that can provide forty to sixty minutes of runtime. The DeWalt DCBL720P1 cordless leaf blower is light and features a cruise control.

Greenworks GMAX

The Greenworks GMAX 20V cordless leaf blower is a versatile tool with two air speeds, making it easy to clear your lawn and garden of leaves and debris. Its variable-speed motor is powered by a 40V Li-ion battery, which gives you a longer runtime and high efficiency. It also includes a built-in charger and comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

This leaf blower is one of the best cordless leaf blowers available. It can be used for various chores, from clearing out the yard of leaves and small trash to cleaning up pet hair and small debris. It can be recharged and used for up to 90 minutes on high speed and thirty minutes on low speed. This cordless tool is an environmentally-friendly option for landscapers and those on a budget.

It is a lightweight blower with an adjustable tube. It offers 340 CFM of air volume and 185 MPH wind speed. Also it has a 4-Ah battery and a backpack to help you carry it easily.


The SnapFresh 20V Cordless Blower is light, powerful, and easy to use. It weighs less than 2.7 pounds and can be operated with one hand. The grip is made of non-slip rubber to make operation comfortable and convenient. The unit also has a two-section design to allow for standing or sitting use.

This blower has good reviews from customers and is relatively inexpensive. It has a variable-speed motor and two settings, with the higher setting offering 420 CFM at 100 MPH. There are also promotional add-ons to help you get the best value for your money.

The SnapFresh 20V Cordless Blower has 2 speeds and 2 tubes. The high-speed mode offers an average no-load speed of 130 mph, while the low-speed mode provides 60-mph speeds, which is perfect for cleaning car windows or computer supplies. Both speeds run on batteries.

20V Cordless Leaf Blower Buying Guide

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