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What to Look for in a SELF STORAGE Service Provider

What to Look for in a SELF STORAGE Service Provider

SELF STORAGE Service Provider: While selecting a self storage facility, you should be looking for more than just an inexpensive price. Your provider should provide a great customer experience and a solution that fits your needs. Additionally, a great provider such as Jennings Containers offers flexible unit sizes and scalability. This will enable you to change unit sizes as needed and only pay for what you use.

What to Look for in a SELF STORAGE Service Provider

Climate-controlled units

If you need to store certain items in a storage unit, climate-controlled units can be helpful. Different kinds of items are susceptible to damage from fluctuating temperature and humidity. Choosing a climate-controlled storage unit can protect these items from these factors, and also protects your belongings in case you need to move them in the future.

Climate-controlled storage units are the best option for people with valuable or sensitive items. These units are generally enclosed in buildings and therefore, do not experience temperature changes from outside. This is especially useful if you need to store valuable or sensitive items for an extended period of time. However, if you need to store items for a shorter period of time, a standard storage unit may be adequate.

Climate-controlled storage is better than standard storage because it regulates humidity and temperature. In an unregulated storage unit, moisture and mold can develop. In a climate-controlled storage unit, these factors are monitored and regulated so that your items remain safe and dry.

Security cameras

Security cameras in a self-storage facility can protect your belongings, and help deter potential criminals. These cameras can be installed throughout the property and can be monitored remotely. They also record video footage so you can access it anytime. Some video surveillance systems also offer night vision so you can keep an eye on things at night. They can also send alerts to your smartphone when something suspicious happens.

You can choose between basic and high-end security cameras. Most basic models come with 1080P resolution and can recognize people from as close as 50 feet. The higher-end models are capable of recognizing people from 75 to 125 feet away. Some also have advanced features such as zoom-pan-tilt and improved night vision.

The video surveillance also helps to ensure the safety of employees at storage facilities. It helps storage providers identify suspicious activity and notify the authorities. Other important security measures include plenty of lighting inside and outdoors, individual locks for units, and intruder alarms. These tools prevent break-ins and protect tenants’ belongings. Additionally, fire prevention measures ensure that no one gets trapped in the facility, which protects lives and property.

What to Look for in a SELF STORAGE Service Provider


Where you want to store your items is important when deciding on a self-storage facility. Some cities are ideal for large storage facilities, while others may not be ideal for small businesses. Whether your needs are seasonal or permanent, it’s important to consider the location of a self-storage facility. Fortunately, there are several ways to choose the best location.

Decide what size and type of storage unit you need, as well as the frequency of access. Then, choose a self-storage service provider that offers the right combination of convenience and price. You should also look for reviews on a facility, as bad reviews are a red flag. Finally, remember that you must sign a storage unit agreement to rent a space. You must adhere to all the terms and conditions outlined in the contract.

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