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Fugetek Qivation Multifunctional Touch Lamp With Wireless Charging Pad

Fugetek Qivation Multifunctional Touch Lamp With Wireless

Fugetek Qivation Multifunctional Touch Lamp With Wireless Charging Pad

The Qivation Multifunctional Touch Lamp with Wirelesscharging Pad is a multifunctional desk lamp that utilizes nano-technology to transform air pollutants into clean oxygen. Its innovative nano-photocatalyst technology uses white light and natural sunlight to convert pollutants into oxygen. It also deodorizes belongings and promotes health and wellness by purifying the air around it.

Fugetek Qivation TiO2

The Fugetek Qivation Multifunctional Touch Light with Wireless Charging Pad features a simple, yet elegant design. It functions as a table lamp and a purifier, disinfecting and purifying the air around you and your items. It has an integrated nano photocatalyst technology that converts pollutants to oxygen. The lamp is eco-friendly and has three brightness levels. It is compatible with Qi-compatible devices.

This lamp is compatible with a wide range of devices with wireless charging functions, including iPhone 8 and newer models. Its holder rotates 180 degrees and has three brightness settings to accommodate different lighting needs. It supports phone cases that are no thicker than 8mm, including rubber, plastic, and TPU.

The wooden frame of this charging lamp gives it a rustic farmhouse feel while delivering high-tech wireless charging. The swing-arm design evokes vintage mechanical design. It also has a hidden USB port that allows you to charge an additional device. The braided power cable adds a stylish touch.

Qivation TiO2

Qivation’s TiO2 multifunctional touch lamp with wireless charger pad is a sleek and stylish product that performs four different functions: it charges your smartphone, disinfects your device, purifies your personal items, and provides beautiful illumination. Its sleek design incorporates Qivation’s own technology, which utilizes a Qi-certified nano photocatalyst that absorbs air pollutants. It also has Bluetooth compatibility and supports wireless earbuds.

Fugetek Qivation Multifunctional Touch Lamp With Wireless

The Qivation TiO2 Wireless Charging Pad has a built-in touch night lamp to keep your phone charged during the night. The product also features eco-friendly air purification and disinfection, providing round-the-clock disinfection for your personal items and surroundings.

This product uses Qivation technology and is CE and RoHs certified, ensuring that no harmful materials were used in its construction. It’s also Qi-enabled and has a type-C USB adaptor for charging smartphones. This is an affordable option for anyone who needs to disinfect their phone, or simply wants a convenient desk lamp for your workspace.

Qivation TiO2 Multifunctional Touch Lamp With Wireless Charging Pad is compatible with any Qi-compatible smartphone. Its case-friendly design makes it easy to use with any smartphone case. Even Apple AirPods are compatible with this Qi pad.

This portable LED lamp offers many advantages over the traditional desk lamp. Its adjustable light is comfortable and eye-caring with no glare or flicker. You can dim the light for reading or for relaxing at night. The battery life is impressive and the lamp is compact and portable. It can also be used as a nightlight or a bedside lamp.

Fugetek Qivation Multifunctional Touch Lamp With Wireless

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